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Mission and Vision

Our mission is to educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world. We achieve our mission by providing a supportive, welcoming, Christ-centered community in which we foster academic excellence through innovative education, real-world learning opportunities, and faculty-guided research.

Redefining what it means to be a Christian university

At ACU, Christianity is woven into the classroom and campus activities. Students are challenged intellectually while developing spiritually; this prepares our graduates to bring the principles of Christ into their profession, to make sound decisions based on core beliefs and values, and to show kindness and compassion toward others in the workplace.

Our faculty of Christian scholars and professionals are passionate stewards of their discipline - and their faith. They provide a safe space for students to ask questions and engage in conversations that enrich their lives.

Furthering our educational mission, ACU is committed to advancing technologies and providing state-of the-art resources. We’re proud of our 21st-Century Vision and Strategic Plan, which build upon the foundation of our core mission. Our innovative learning spaces, such as The Maker Lab and Learning Studio, provide students with the most current technology.

We believe a healthy mind, body and spirit is key in overall student success, and facilities such as the Royce and Pam Money Student Recreation and Wellness Center encourage development of the whole person.

Our 21st Century Vision ACU will produce leaders
who think critically, globally and missionally

We believe ACU is in a unique position to educate the next generation of Christian leaders - individuals who understand that leadership is service, as modeled by Jesus. ACU will become increasingly attractive to a broad spectrum of talented Christian students from across the nation and around the world who believe faith is about personal commitment as well as community. A strong liberal arts core curriculum will ensure these future leaders learn how to learn, and leadership opportunities will be woven into the student experience. We believe all students have leadership potential - potential to use their God-given strengths and talents to their fullest in His service.

ACU will build distinctive and innovative programs.

To attract more Christian scholars among the student body and faculty, ACU will significantly strengthen our most distinctive programs and develop new, innovative programs in the coming decade. Partnerships with corporate America and the nonprofit sector will provide uncharacteristic opportunities for student research and hands-on learning. ACU will invest in a fully-developed Honors College and create highly-attractive academic programs that set the university apart.

ACU will deliver a unique, Christ-centered experience that draws students into community.

For residential students, ACU’s culture and physical environment will be shaped to encourage spontaneous, deep discussions with fellow students, faculty and staff about a wide variety of topics. Discussing great books and big ideas will become as common as playing intramural sports or volunteering in the community. The ability to engage in meaningful relationships and work in teams will become characteristic of ACU graduates. For our non-residential students, innovative technologies will be used to develop those same meaningful relationships and team-building skills.

ACU will expand its Christian influence and educational reach nationally and internationally.

ACU will emerge as a thought leader among those interested in Christianity and culture. Our faculty will engage in research and scholarly activities that not only promote their expertise, but also serve as a resource to mainstream Christian constituencies. Students, faculty and staff will do more than talk about community and global issues – they will be strongly encouraged to tackle them head-on, with passion. At least half our undergraduate students will study abroad. Mentors will help ACU’s highly involved students find ways to balance all aspects of their  purposeful lives. The type of graduate and undergraduate students drawn to the ACU  experience will be learners, Christ-followers, friend-makers and world-changers. These leaders will learn to apply their Christian faith to their field of study, and they will engage the world as critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, global citizens and volunteers - alongside faculty, staff and alumni. We believe people around the globe will benefit from a distinctive ACU education. Therefore, we will enthusiastically pursue avenues to take the university to the world - and to bring the world to ACU. Abilene Christian will educate leaders who believe God calls us to love with all our hearts, lead with all our minds, and serve with all our strength.

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Ready to Be a Part?

We’re eager to see not only what you can accomplish with an ACU education, but how your unique perspective can enrich your fellow classmates and ACU as a whole.