Students in ACU’s D.Min. program have a variety of choices to develop a program of learning that corresponds with their interests and ministry contexts. Students may select from the four options described below. For specific requirements, see the D.Min. degree plan. To select a track, complete the Declare or Change Program Track form.

Christian Spiritual Formation
The Christian Spiritual Formation track is designed to form leaders who are forming others in the way of Jesus. Rooted in the deep resources of Scripture and Christian tradition, this track allows students to probe more deeply what it means to form disciples in various ecclesial contexts. Additionally, students in this track will design their project/thesis to address some concrete approach to formation within their ministry context.

Leadership for Missional Renewal
Leadership is an important word. Churches, organizations, families, and communities all need leadership. But leadership left to its own devices can become unwieldy and counterproductive to the well-being and health of a family, non-profit, or church. Thus, the Leadership for Missional Renewal track grounds the pursuit of leadership excellence in the missio Dei--God's mission in the world. Within this track students will engage in critical theological reflection in missional theology, develop skills in cultural hermeneutics, and nurture leadership models that serve congregations in the pursuit of God's preferred future.

Preaching for Community Transformation
Preaching plays a significant role in the life of the church. But what does that role look like? This track seeks to integrate homiletic discipline with the particular reality of the ecclesial community. To study preaching for its own sake certainly is valuable; but in this track the focus is on the practice of preaching as it shapes the life of congregations in service to God's mission in the world. Attention is given to homiletic theory, the exegetical work with both text and congregation, cultural contexts, and the church as a worshipping community of faith.

Generalist Program
For students who have particular learning interests not addressed by one of the tracks, or whose ministry contexts suggest other areas of attention for a D.Min. program, a generalist program is available. In consultation with the D.Min. director, a student can customize a program to fit their desired research goals and ministerial practices. Drawing from the courses offered, a student could pursue any number of directions for inquiry.