Room Usage Policy

Room Request
To reserve a room in the College of Biblical Studies (CBS), please complete our facility reservation form.  Once you have submitted all the required information, the Dean’s Office will contact you via email to confirm or deny your room request.

Completed reservation forms are processed Monday-Friday during regular working hours.  Please note that requests made on the day of the planned event/activity may not be processed in time.  Please call or stop by the Dean’s Office to verify the room availability.

Application Dates
Due to special needs of the university and college, requests for rooms in the CBS are only accepted at specific times:

  • Fall Semester:  July 1st  through December 15th
  • Spring Semester:  November 1st  (of the preceding year) through May 1st
  • Summer:  April 1st through August 15th


Building Access
The College of Biblical Studies is normally open Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.  (Exception on some holidays.)  Any evening activities including evening classes, must begin no later than 9:00pm, with all students and visitors exiting the building by 10:00 p.m.  There are no exceptions.  We will access a $10 fee for every 10 minutes that goes past 10:00pm.  Weekend access will be provided on an as-needed basis in accordance with all of the appropriate approvals.  For events taking place during a weekend, in addition to the room reservation process there should be direct communication with the Dean’s Office leading up to the date of the event.

Building and Classroom Usage:
It is important to keep the building clean and in good repair.

  • No glitter is to be used, or brought into any part of the building.
  • No candles are allowed without prior approval from the Dean’s Office.
  • No sitting, standing, or lying down on the tables.

Apart from the exceptions below, food and drinks are permitted in the building provided that all spills and excessive food debris are reported immediately to a Dean’s Office representative. Please make sure all trash is placed in proper receptacles.

University Facility Usage Policy
The following stipulations are drawn from the Addendum to the University Facility Use Agreement, and should be adhered to by all parties making use of the CBS Facilities.

  • Maintenance: Licensee agrees to take good care of the Facilities and to maintain the space in as good order and condition as it was prior to Licensee’s use.  (Please return all rooms to their original set up, as noted on the white board.  Report problems with equipment to the Dean’s Office.)
  • Right to Enter: University, through its duly appointed agents, security officers, through policemen, firemen, and other designated representatives, will have the right at any time to enter any portion of the Facilities for any purpose whatsoever, and the entire Facilities and/or building, including the premises expressly covered by this Agreement, will at all times be under the charge and control of the duly appointed agents of University.  The keys to the premises will remain in the possession of University or its duly authorized agent, but during the period covered by this Agreement, the entrances and exits of the premises will be locked or unlocked under the direction of Licensee, so far as reasonable, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
  • Dangerous Materials: Licensee will not bring or permit anyone to bring into the Facilities or onto said premises anything that may increase the fire hazard including but not limited to candles (exceptions on candles can be made upon approval by Dean’s Office for weddings), gasoline, oil flashlights, or fireworks.  Licensee will not bring or permit any person to bring into the Facilities or premises any engine, motor or other machinery without written consent of University.  Likewise, with the exception of animals that assist the disabled, Licensee will not bring or permit any person to bring into the Facilities or premises any animal.
  • Weapons: Except for the Texas Concealed handgun License (CHL) vehicle-storage exception mentioned below, firearms, illegal knives, and other prohibited weapons are strictly prohibited on university property including parking lots, or at any university activity off campus.  In addition, city ordinance prohibits the firing of any air gun, including pellet guns and BB guns.  Other dangerous weapons not listed may be subject to sanction.  If a student is found in violation of this university policy, he or she may also be subject to the university student conduct policy and may be suspended or dismissed.
    Additionally, under current Texas law, it is a felony to possess or carry a firearm of any kind, an illegal knife, or any other prohibited weapon in any university owned or controlled building, facility, or athletic venue on university property, regardless of whether or not the person has been issued a Texas CHL.  Anyone other than duly licensed and commissioned peace officers found in any university owned or controlled building, facility, or athletic venue on university property in possession of a firearm or other prohibited weapon may be subject to arrest.
    The only exception to this policy as required by Texas law effective September 1, 2013, relates to anyone (including employees and students) that holds a current/valid Texas CHL storing legal firearms inside their locked vehicle while the vehicle is parked on campus parking lots, streets or driveways.  Such students and employees are strongly encouraged (but not required) to consult with ACUPD regarding appropriate crime prevention strategies aimed at preventing firearms from being stolen from their vehicles and compliance with the new law.  ACUPD can be reached at 325-674-2305 or via email at
  • Conduct of Persons Admitted by Licensee: Licensee hereby assumes full responsibility for the character, acts and conduct of all persons admitted to the Facilities, or to any portion of University’s property by the consent of Licensee, or by or with the consent of Licensee’s employees, or any person acting for or on behalf of Licensee; and Licensee agrees at its expense to have on hand at all times sufficient police force to maintain order and protect the persons and property, the sufficiency of and type of police force to meet the approval of the duly appointed agent of University.
  • Advertisement: Licensee will not circulate or publish or cause to be circulated or published any advertisement, tickets, placard, or other written or printed matter wherein University’s name or the name of any Facilities belonging to University is mentioned or referred to without first having obtained written consent and approval of University.  Further, Licensee will not post or exhibit, nor allow to be posted or exhibited, signs, advertisements, show bills, lithographs, posters or cards of any description, inside or in front, or on any part of the Facilities, or anywhere on said premises except as provided and approved in advance by the duly appointed agent of University, and will use, post, or exhibit only said signs, advertisements, show bills, lithographs, posters, or cards upon any said approved space as related to the performance or exhibition to be given on the Facilities; and Licensee will take and remove forthwith all signs, advertisements, show bills, lithographs, posters or card of any description objected to by University or its duly appointed agent.
  • Alcohol: Licensee will not see or allow beer wine, or any liquors of alcoholic content to be sold, given away or used upon said premises under any conditions.
  • Smoking: Licensee will not allow smoking anywhere upon said premises at any time.  This is a smoke-free campus.
  • Content of Material Presented: Licensee hereby agrees that no performance, exhibition or entertainment will be given or held in the Facilities which is illegal, indecent, obscene, or immoral, and should any part of such exhibition or performance be deemed by the duly appointed agent of University to be illegal, or indecent, obscene, lewd, immoral or in any manner offensive to persons of ordinary sensibilities, then the said duly appointed agent of University, on the part of University, will have the right to demand of Licensee that it immediately delete such portions of the production or activity as have received such criticism, or to rewrite or have changed the said attractions so that, in the opinion of University, it will not be publicly offensive and Licensee agrees immediately upon receipt by it of such notice to make such changes, the decisions of the duly appointed agent of University in this regard being final.
  • Capacity: Licensee will not admit to any building or structure a larger number of persons than the seating capacity will accommodate, or can safely or freely move about in said areas.


Right to Revoke Privileges:
The Dean’s Office reserves the right to revoke any and all current or future reservations based upon the violation of any portion of these guidelines and policies.  For Student/Club events, a policy agreement signed by a student representative and sponsor must be filed in the Dean’s Office at the beginning of each academic year.  For evening and weekend events a small fee must be prepaid in order to cover the cost of the security personnel.  (The amount will be determined by the Dean’s Office based on the length and type of the event.)