Departmental Scholarships

The Kinesiology & Nutrition Department offers many scholarships for majors every year. They are provided in honor of people who have been particularly influential in this department over the past several decades. Scholarships are offered to students of different classifications and are awarded based on different criteria for each. Contact Dr. Dickie Hill at for more information concerning application forms and due dates.

Scholarship Application Form

Scruggs Scholarship
Named and funded in honor of Guy "Coach" and Bess Scruggs, this scholarship is provided to outstanding majors after their freshman year.

Paschall Scholarship
Mr. Paschall's son was a coach and died at a young age. The Paschall family provided this scholarship and asked that it be for young men, members of the Churches of Christ, who were intending to coach. This scholarship is provided after the student's freshman year.

Johne and R. L. Roberts Scholarship
Named and funded by family and friends of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. (Johne) Roberts. Johne provided locker room supervision, leadership, and friendship to women dressing for our activity classes for over fifteen years. This scholarship is usually provided every other year to a female major after her freshman year.

Helen Moran Scholarship
Named and funded by the Abilene Women's Bowling Association in honor of Helen Moran, a member of the AWBA and an ACU alumnus.  Scholarships are awarded based upon character, academic ability, and financial need.  Preference is given to female Physical Education, Business, or Bible majors.  This scholarship is usually provided following the female's freshman year.

Marie Wilmeth Scholarship
Named and funded by family, friends, and students of Dr. Marie Wilmeth. Dr. Wilmeth was a previous chairperson of ACU's Department of Family and Consumer Studies. This scholarship is available for committed nutrition majors following the student's freshman year.

Leotta Zickefoose Frazier
Funded by the family of Leotta Zickefoose Frazier, the mother of Emeritus, Ben Zickefoose. This scholarship is set aside for those interested in special populations (senior adults, cardiac rehabilitation, and other special needs.

Debi Zickefoose Allen
Funded by the family of career physical educator, Debi Zickefoose Allen, this scholarship is intended for students majoring in PETE.  To be elegible, students must be active members of the state organization, TAHPERD, and attend one or more state conventions.

Trey Zickefoose
Funded by the family of Trey Zickefoose, this scholarship is intended for non-traditional students with preference to military veterans or active duty.

Tonja Rushing
Funded by the Ben Zickefoose family, this scholarship is for deserving students in the department who are classified at least a sophomore. Preference is given to Nutrition majors and single parents. Character, academic ability, and financial need are important considerations.

Dwain Hart
Funded in honor of former department chair, dean and provost, Dwain Hart, this scholarship is intended for entering freshmen who graduate from a Christian high school in the Texas Christian School Association. Dr. Hart was the very first department chair and served over 20 years in that capacity, before becoming Dean of the College of Professional Studies and Provost.