School of Social Work


Graduates of the ACU School of Social Work possess the skills necessary to effectively serve oppressed and vulnerable people and improve their quality of life. They work as change agents in a number of areas, including: health, mental health, social enterprise, public policy, politics, children and family services, child welfare, school social work, gerontology, military services, international social work, juvenile services, and criminal justice.

Graduates from the ACU School of Social Work are prepared to become leaders in their areas of interest, utilizing evidence-based interventions and contributing to the knowledge of the profession through effective and ethical practice, as well as dissemination of research and practice findings in professional journals and other venues.

The ACU School of Social Work’s Graduate and Undergraduate programs are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, enabling students to receive licensure after graduation.

ACU ranks 3rd among the 35 Best Value Christian Colleges with a CSWE-accredited Social Work Program in 2015. Read more.

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