We make many important decisions in our lives and what we will do with our lives certainly seems to be one of the more critical decisions. In the College of Education and Human Services you will find undergraduate degrees in Education, Kinesiology & Nutrition and Communication Sciences & Disorders.

The College of Education and Human Services also offers graduate programs: Dietetic Internship, Master of Science Nutrition, Master of Athletic Training, Master of Science in Social Work, Master of Science Speech-Language Pathology, Master of Education with a track in Reading and Master of Science Occupational Therapy.

Receiving a degree from the College of Education and Human Services means you will encounter an exceptional faculty who are committed to scholarship and teaching and to the mission of this great place - “to educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world”. It is a mission we take seriously. I believe that we do this by exerting a Christian influence in all that we do whether it is through teaching, training and rehabilitating the physical body, or providing services to the disenfranchised. Christ was a teacher, a rehabilitation therapist of the greatest sort and clearly an advocate for social justice. In the College of Education and Human Services we have the opportunity to emulate the work of Christ and to walk beside you as we prepare you to do the same.

In determining what you would like to do with your life, perhaps it is important to ask questions about the world in which you will you live and work. We live in a world where the divide between those who live in wealth and those who live in poverty is growing larger and larger. America's schools are in critical need of dedicated educators who are committed not just to teaching - but to excellence in teaching. 

While medical advancements have brought many advantages to the world in which we live, those same advancements are responsible for infants who will live with life-long physical and mental disabilities. The same is true for the aging population. We have an increased awareness of individual and public health thus, people are living longer requiring many services not needed in years past. Never in our history has there been more of a need for well prepared educators, learning specialists, social workers, speech-language pathologists, nutritionists, health educators, and other human service professionals. 

To live and work in such a world such as this you must be prepared through the integration of theory and evidence based practice, but our commitment to ACU's mission will prepare you for more than that. We are committed to Christian education in such a way that you will not only be prepared with knowledge and skill in your chosen field, but you will be instilled with faith and a sense of unwavering commitment. The work you are prepared to do is more than just "work", but a fulfilling of God's plan through your lives.