ACU's College of Business Administration educates business and technology professionals holistically for Christian service and leadership throughout the world. The COBA Connections and Student Development Team, in partnership with faculty, staff, and alumni work to empower students to achieve their academic, professional, and spiritual goals. We seek to recruit, develop, and connect our students to relationships and resources that are helpful to them.

Whether you are a current student or a business or technology alumnus, we hope you will take advantage of the many resources that are available through the Connections and Student Development Team.

Connection and Student Development Team


Aimée Agee
Professional Development Manager
Email: aimee.agee@acu.edu

Aimée supports the professional development of our business and technology students. Her intentional approach includes assisting students with résumé development, career development labs, interview prep, and career counseling. Whether you are a new student building your professional portfolio or an upcoming graduate making plans for your future career, Aimée would be happy to connect with you.


M.C. Jennings
Communications and Event Manager
Email: marycolleen.jennings@acu.edu

M.C. creates opportunities for our students, faculty, staff, and alumni to connect through various special events, both on- and off-campus. Additionally, she highlights College news, business and technology student spotlights, and important information through our alumni and student newsletters, social media outlets and blogs. Want to know more about what’s happening in COBA? Follow our business and technology blogs!


Jenni Williams
Enrollment and Student Development Manager
Email: jenni.williams@acu.edu

Jenni cultivates relationships with prospective business and technology students as they are navigating the admissions process. She manages departmental campus visits, proactive communication with all applicants, enrollment strategy, and acts as a liaison for the admissions office. If you are interested in visiting campus and meeting our faculty, schedule a visit with Jenni today.