Why apply to the Honors College? The Honors College at ACU allows students to pursue academic excellence in many ways. There are also several benefits that come along with enrolling and maintaining good standing with the Honors College.


  • Students can enroll in colloquia and Honors sections of courses, which are usually smaller than regular sections of the course and taught by skilled faculty members.
  • The Honors College houses the Office of Major Scholarships (Fulbright, Truman, etc.), which provides information, counsel, and support for students who wish to apply for nationally competitve major scholarships and fellowships. 
  • The Honors College can be a place of community for students, by hosting weekly chapel and various academic and social events throughout the year.
  • The Honors College offers the ACU Honors in DC immersive summer internship experience designed to provide Honors students with an integrated educational opportunity, as participants live, work, and learn in Washington DC.
  • The Honors College supports enhanced academic activities through grant funding for Study Abroad and conference travel. 

Activities offered by the Honors College

  • Honors College events during Wildcat Week
  • Weekly Honors Chapel
  • Social events and parties
  • Popcorn days
  • Events on Dead Day (the Monday before Finals week)
  • Exclusive sessions with campus speakers and other visitors
  • And more! We are always looking out for new opportunities for our students.