Frequently Asked Questions

I am currently a student at ACU. Can I still join the Honors College?
Yes, we have a current student application. 

Does it cost anything to join Honors?

Are there scholarships available?
You are automatically considered for Honors scholarships during the admissions process, but there is no additional scholarship application process. However, we have funds available for Study Abroad and Conference travel expenses.  

Should I make an appointment for Honors Advising? 
Though Honors advising is optional, it is highly recommended to make an appointment so that you can stay on track with requirements to graduate with Honors. 

What is an Honors Contract? 
An Honors Contract is an agreement between student and professor which outlines an extra assignment that can allow a regular section of a course to count for Honors credit. 

What is an Honors Colloquium? 
An Honors Colloquium is a one-hour Honors class on a special topic created and taught by exceptional professors.