Important: If the student is in an immediate crisis or an emergency situation, call the Campus Police Department at 325-674-2305.

Our Mission: Partner with faculty, staff, parents and students to assist ACU students and connect them to resources available to support their path to success. Build a caring community at ACU by connecting students with faculty, staff, parents, and peers.

What is SOAR?

  • SOAR means Student Opportunities, Advocacy, and Resources.
  • It is a recommendation program designed to assist students get connected to resources on the ACU campus.
  • We seek to create a safe environment for students to discuss challenges and obstacles they face.
  • We provide a secure, online recommendation form.
  • After students are recommended, we contact them and connect them with campus resources, such as: 
    1. Counseling Center
    2. Alpha Scholars Program
    3. Career Counseling
    4. Medical Clinic
    5. Residence Life
    6. Academic Development Center (tutoring, academic coaching, etc.)
    7. The Writing Center
    8. The Speaking Center
    9. In situations related to potential harm to self or others, the student is referred to the Behavior Intervention Team (BIT).
  • Our staff can support students in numerous ways: by helping reach solutions to barriers that have arisen, by helping navigate financial concerns or questions, by serving as advocates for students in discussions with faculty, by providing a safe, confidential environment to relate to others, and many other support functions.


Who can recommend?
Anyone concerned about a student: parents, peers on campus, or ACU faculty and staff members. 

When should I recommend?
If you are unsure about the best campus resource for a student or if you would like some coaching on the best way to handle a student situation, please call us and we will evaluate the situation together.

If you notice a student who could benefit from being better connected to additional resources, please contact us. The earlier a student is recommended, the greater success we have working with them.

You can make a recommendation anonymously and the SOAR staff will never reveal your name to the student you have recommended. However, we believe that the best, healthiest situation is to tell the student you are recommending them to SOAR. A non-anonymous recommendation allows:

  • The student to be aware that you care about them and their success,
  • An opportunity for a positive conversation between you and the student,
  • And, a better likelihood that the student responds favorably from a contact from the SOAR staff.


How do I recommend?
We have three secure ways for you to submit your recommendation:

Online: Recommendation Form
Phone: 325-674-2036
Email: soar@acu.edu

What does the process entail?
When we receive your recommendation, we:

  • Contact the student via ACU email or phone. 
  • Meet with the student to assess the situation. 
  • Collaborate with the student to determine the campus resource that would be most helpful.
  • Follow-up with the student to determine if their needs were met.
  • Follow-up with you to let you know the status of your recommendation.