StrengthsQuest Programming

The Student Development Office partners with other departments to offer students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to use Gallup's StrengthsQuest assessment tool to identify and develop talent themes and strengths.

Individual and Group program offerings:

Intro to Your Strengths/Self-awareness: This first step is for everyone. The program includes assessment after completion of the StrengthsQuest instrument along with personal application and discussion of your "Top 5".

Development: Connecting Strengths to Career & Calling: This next step program is the second step for most students/groups. It includes applying talents and strengths to current involvement/experiences and future career interests.

STRENGTHening your team: This offering is a second step for Faculty/Staff or student leader groups wanting to relate to improve group or team understanding and effectiveness. The focus is on helping individuals to understand how their Strengths function in the team setting. A team profile of your group in included in the discussion, and it makes a great team-building program for your small group, team or work group.

Managing for STRENGTHS: This offering is a third step for Faculty/Staff or student leader groups who want to develop understanding within team for maximizing potential among various Strengths. This takes the team understanding deeper and helps leaders build skills for motivating an managing the variety of Strengths within a team or work group.

Coming soon: Google form to request training for your team or group.